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Are you a POPnologist?
[pop-nol-uh-jist] noun
A specialist in POPnology, the study of how films, books, television and art inspire technological advancements.

Get nerdy. Geek out. Go “Back to the Future” and take your picture with the DeLorean Time Machine or HAL 9000! Experience the fusion between technology and your favourite pop culture icons, like Terminator, Alien, and more!

POPnology is an interactive, engaging exhibition that makes the connection to how technology has been influenced by movies, books, television and futurists. POPnology explores how the fiction of earlier generations has become the reality and innovation of today! What does the future hold for A.I. or 3D printed cars? Find out as you explore POPnology.

The draw takes place February 19, 2018.
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You must be able to pick up your tickets at our location in West Edmonton Mall by 4:30pm Monday-Friday!